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Weekly podcasts covering everything from getting started with homeschooling to college applications. Join us each week as we share our opinions, experience, and advice from years of homeschooling.

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Musecast Mondays – Community Colleges
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Join Farrar and Jill as they discuss community colleges as a viable path for homeschoolers. Many homeschoolers decide to utilize the local community college for dual enrollment and increasingly more homeschool graduates are deciding to take the community college path after graduation. Is community college right for your family? Listen to our latest podcast to […]

Musecast Modays – Global Perspective Studies

Join Farrar and Jill as they discuss Simplify’s new curriculum offering for high schoolers – Global Perspective Studies. GPS… is secular is challenging features diverse authors has a wide variety of writing assignments is adaptable to lots of profiles of students Listen as Farrar and Jill discuss GPS and why they are so excited about […]

Musecast Mondays – College Admissions Scandal
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MuseCast Modays are back in a new season with Jill and Farrar! We are so excited to be podcasting again and can’t wait to bring you new episodes every other week on topics ranging from college admissions to homeschooling with our new curriculum, GPS. In this episode, Jill and Farrar talk about the college admissions […]

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