Last Minute Applications

Need final hour support for your role as the school counselor? You're in the right place.

Simplify the College Application

Last Minute Applications
Do you have a homeschooled senior and need help with the application process? Then we have a last minute package made for this situation. In this special, discounted package, Jill and Farrar will work especially with you.
We specialize in helping homeschoolers find the right college match for them. We know the college search and application process can overwhelm parents. Whatever individual path you and your family are on, we can help.
This package includes key help to make sure that you, the parent, get the support you need so you help your student put their best foot forward:


  • We meet with you to get to know your individual homeschool and discover your student's story.
  • We take you through the nuts and bolts of all the parts of your paperwork for applications and are available to answer questions as they arise.
  • We'll help you outline your counselor letter and review all the documents you've created, giving you specific notes and taking note of anything that might stand out negatively for your student.

We also have an Outschool class to help your student fill out the Common App and write their essay, so they can get some last minute support too!

Ready for individual help with your homeschool plan? Purchase our package below.

Special Package