Global Perspective Studies

Core One: Africa and Asia

Take a tour of Africa, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, and East Asia


This unit covers Africa from the earliest times to the present. Students will encounter Africa's ancient civilizations, its wealthy medieval trade networks, the ways encounters with Europe decimated the continent, and the challenges and triumphs of modern Africa. This unit includes two memoirs and two novels by two of Africa's greatest writers.


This unit traces the Middle East from the earliest civilizations through the development of Islam to the present day. For literature, students will learn about the hero's journey in fantasy and epic and read their way through graphic novels about the region.


This unit explores the Indian subcontinent and surrounding areas with a focus on the history of the Indian Ocean in a lively nonfiction book read. The literature portion takes students from excerpts of Indian classics through fun, modern stories. For our hero theme, students will meet the Buddha in literary form.


The East Asia unit focuses on China and Japan and the contrasts between them from ancient times to modern ones. Students will explore whether the Mongols were exceptional and create their own historical research questions. For literature, they'll explore ancient poetry and read two modern novels by Asian authors.

GPS Core One Books

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