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The internet is a strange place.
Although this is an invitation-only, moderated forum, please do not post any private information that includes deeply personal anecdotes about your children or security information including phone numbers and email addresses. Again, please think carefully before writing what you plan to write. The moderators will not entertain requests to delete posts. Similarly, please do not assume that people can read your mind, feelings, or body language over the internet. If some words could be interpreted differently, it might be best to rephrase your reply before hitting submit.

Simplify is a secular website.
Period. If you would like to know more, please read our FAQs.

We have a no-advertising policy.
There are online communities that are open to members advertising their businesses, products, and services. Ours is not one of them.

Please use forum space wisely.
For archiving and search purposes, please choose the relevant board to post your questions and comments. If you have a high school child and want to ask about curriculum, the high school Homeschooling board is a good choice. If you have a high school-aged child who is wanting to plan college tours or needs your help with writing scholarship essays, you might find the College Applications board more relevant. Some topics might be better discussed privately with your Simplify muse(s).

Login and passwords.
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