What does a consult with Simplify look like?

Homeschool Support

Why do I need a homeschool consultant?

Experienced, outside voices are often refreshing and helpful. We guide you, giving you information you might not have considered. We listen. We suggest. We can help you start homeschooling, deal with a rough situation, or successfully navigate a transition.

How do we meet?

We use video meetings, such as Skype and Google Hangouts, which we have found are sufficient for most families’ needs.

Who should I work with?

Farrar and Jill work with nearly all clients together. That way you get two different perspectives with different experiences. We find that’s one of the things that sets us apart.

What does working with you look like?

Every client is different, especially for homeschooling. We listen to you and your needs so exactly what we do for you can really vary. However, usually we start by asking you some questions through email and sometimes a questionnaire. Then we meet through a video call, often for about an hour. Next, we provide you with detailed notes based on our conversation. Those notes might include general ideas, specific resources, suggestions for routines, and more. It really depends on you.

Do you follow a specific homeschool philosophy or ask me to follow one?

Our goal is to help you homeschool better. We don’t have a specific agenda for your homeschool. That all depends on the goals and needs of you and your students. We do tend to be a little relaxed, but also academic minded. We’re not tied to a specific philosophy. We both homeschooled secularly, but we respect your worldview.

How do I know what package I want?

Descriptions of our packages are here. If you have any questions, you can just ask! Tell us what you need or envision and we’ll guide you to the sort of help we can provide. Even though we sell our time in packages, they’re still flexible.

College Application Support

Why do I need a college consultant?

Most homeschoolers know the success stories. Homeschoolers can absolutely get into college. However, exactly how they do that can feel overwhelming and mysterious when you first start the journey. We can help you with every step of the way.

How do I know what to do before it’s time to apply to college?

Every student’s story is individual. We have a very general guide to college credits that you can find on our resources page. You can also talk about specific questions about courses and requirements on our Facebook support group, College Confident Homeschoolers. Planning a student’s courses and extracurricular activities ahead of time with college in mind is a good thing to do. We can help you navigate that with high school planning before you even know where you might apply.

Can you tell me what documents I need and create them for me?

We work with families to create the counselor letter, school profile, transcript, and other such documents that you need in order to apply to most colleges. In our college documents package, we help you edit and create all the basic documents you need.

Can you help my student write their essays?

Absolutely. We can walk you through every step of the way. We love helping students tell their stories through their essays.

How do I know which package I need?

We have several different college counseling packages. If you’re not sure which one suits your needs, just ask! We’re flexible and can help you with all kinds of situations. We love helping homeschoolers get into college.