Online Courses FAQs

Who teaches your online courses?

Our courses are taught by either Farrar Williams or Jill Harper.

What are the recommended ages for your courses?

We are targeting middle school students. Each class has its own recommended ages based on the material of the class. If you would like to enroll a student who is younger or older contact us here so we can discuss it.

What is your approach and philosophy?

We chose an asynchronous class format to provide flexibility for students and families. We believe in classes where all students can participate and be valued for their thoughts and opinions. We believe homeschool families, not outside teachers, are the best people to oversee a student's total education. Our classes are meant to be a part of your homeschool, not to stand in for it. We strive to offer courses and topics that aren't always seen on other sites. Our goal is to get middle school students thinking deeply, practicing critical skills such as reading, writing, and discussion, and enjoying their learning.

Do you provide accommodations for students who need them?

Yes! That includes accommodations for gifted, learning disabled, or 2E students. Please contact us when enrolling so we can discuss your student and whether we can meet their needs.

What type of student are these classes best for?

Our classes are for all types of students including gifted, academically average, and those with learning challenges.

Do you check materials for age appropriateness?

We only choose materials that we believe are appropriate for middle school students. Most books in our program are specifically written for tweens and teens. However, different families have different views about what constitutes appropriate. Families are responsible for checking to make sure the required resources meet your family standards. We are available to answer questions.

What does asynchronous classes mean?

Our asynchronous classes assign work and post class videos at the start of the week. Work is due at the end of the week. When students do the work is entirely up to them. Students do not have to be at the computer at a specific time. Our classes are not self-paced. While students may be able to read or work ahead in some ways, assignments, videos, and interaction with students on the class page happens within a set week.

What is the average weekly workload for your courses?

Although this will vary, on average students should expect to spend 3-5 hours on a course. Check the individual course descriptions for a more specific idea of workload.

Do you provide grades and/or assessments?

We believe in personal feedback and assessments. Feedback is provided for individual assignments. An overall written assessment of the student's work is provided at the end of the course. If grades are a part of your homeschool, we can provide guidance on an appropriate grade.

Are your courses secular?

Yes! All of our classes at Simplify are taught from a secular perspective and the materials we use are secular. We welcome families of all religious or non-religious backgrounds.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes. We charge a $25 registration fee per student per semester. Please note the registration fee is non-refundable.

What is your withdrawal policy?

We allow you to withdraw and receive 100% of your payment back until up to two weeks before the start of class. From that point, you can receive 50% of your payment back until one week before class begins. After that date, there is no refund. No exceptions.

What other resources are required for your courses?

All students need access to a computer, the internet, and a Gmail account for Google Classroom. If a parent is not comfortable with a student having their own account, they may share yours. Additionally, most of our classes require that students read outside books or view films. Families are responsible for getting access to those materials. There are links to all required books and films on each individual course page.