Global Perspective Studies FAQs

What is Global Perspective Studies?

GPS is the newest offering from Simplify Homeschool. It is a high school humanities core for the homeschool student. You can learn more about it here.

Is GPS secular?

Yes! Readings include religious perspectives and texts in a historical and literary context. The perspective of the curriculum is completely secular.

What are the recommended ages for GPS?

We are targeting high school students with this curriculum. The first year is for a typical 9th grader but may also be used for students in 8th to 12th grade. Please see the sample pages here to get a better understanding of the workload found in GPS.

How many credits will students earn after completing GPS?

GPS is worth one full English and one full world history credit. Individual units are worth a half credit.  For more info on credits and GPS, including suggested course descriptions, please read our user guide found here.

Is GPS a good match for the gifted student?

Yes! The work in GPS is purpose-based which a gifted student will appreciate. In addition, we suggest extra and alternate resources throughout the schedule for students who want or need more.

Is GPS a good match for a twice-exceptional student?

Yes! With some modifications, this curriculum can be used for students with learning disabilities. Much of the work can be done orally, assignments can be omitted, reading can be done with audiobooks, and there are many links to online videos and resources to offer different ways of learning the material. The opening text has some specific suggestions, but the parent will need to make these modifications for their student and help them plan their workload weekly. If you need additional help, Simplify offers counseling support for homeschool parents and teens. Please contact us here if you would like more information.

Do you check materials for age appropriateness?

This is a high school program. Many of the materials are classics or written for young adults and include mature themes. While we would never choose materials we feel are sensationalist or explicit, we believe reading about difficult topics is an important part of engaging in high school level material. We recognize that different families have different views about what constitutes appropriate. We have tried to provide content warnings within the program. However, families are responsible for checking to make sure the required resources meet your individual standards. We are available to answer questions.

How is GPS delivered?

After ordering, you will receive the files you ordered at the email address associated with your PayPal account.  Please Note It Can Take Up To 12 Hours to Recieve Your PDF. If you lose access to your files any time for one full year after purchase, then you can email us one time to receive a second copy.

Is there a print version available?

At this time we are only offering GPS as a digital download.

How is GPS scheduled?

GPS is organized into four units. Each unit is scheduled for eight weeks. Each week is scheduled for four days. Students can use the fifth day to catch up on work if needed. The scheduling is a suggestion only. Students and families are welcome to rearrange work in whatever way makes the most sense for them.

What is the average weekly workload for GPS?

How long students take to complete assignments is very individual. However, on average students should expect to spend 2-3 hours daily on GPS. Remember that GPS is two full high school credits. Students doing a single unit as a semester elective should spread their work out out and spend about an hour daily.

Does GPS include writing? 

GPS includes integrated writing instruction. We believe writing is important for getting the high school student prepared for college. The program includes writing exercises, informal writing, and formal writing. There is a focus on learning to respond to complex short answer questions. By the end of the year students will have completed a wide variety of longer assignments, including a literary analysis paper, a personal narrative, multiple document-based essays, a review, creative writing assignments, and a research paper.

What is the price of GPS?

Each year of GPS is $99. When you place your order you will receive a PDF of the curriculum to download. You can also buy individual units for $25 each. The full curriculum is 2 full high school credits. Each individual unit is a half credit and can be done as a semester elective studying the specific place.

Is there a Core Three or Four yet?

Core Three is in the works. It will focus on American history. However, we don't know when it will be available We have Core Four planned as well. It will focus on a variety of issues and their historical roots around the world.

I still have more questions!

Check out our book lists and samples, including the entire user guide. If you have more questions, please contact Simplify here. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!