Homeschooling and Need Support?

"Jill was instrumental in helping me get started with homeschooling. She is a wealth of information and was able to advise me in the best way to begin. Thanks to her and her support I am now on my third year of homeschooling and have never been happier with the way my child's educational journey is going."

A SoCal Parent

“Farrar has her own philosophy for her kids, but was very receptive to where we are and what our lifestyle and philosophy are.  She made suggestions that fit our life and was not pushy or judgmental about what she thought we "should" be doing.”

A Washington DC Parent

"I was so overwhelmed with the college process. I was unsure how to approach it as a homeschooler and was in need of help. My teenager was also in need of guidance. Working with Jill was such a wonderful experience for both of us. We are so happy that we found her and thankful for all she was able to accomplish for us."

An Online Parent

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Homeschool Packages

I Need a Little Help

We meet with you for a single 45-55 minute meeting to discuss your situation and needs. Maybe you’re nervous about a transition. Maybe you’re in a rut and you need some new ideas. Maybe you have a very specific homeschool problem and need some help. After our conversation, we’ll make you detailed notes that include resources as well as what we discussed. This package is perfect if you need a sounding board or to be set in the right direction. $150

I Need Support

We meet with you for 45-55 minutes to discuss your situation and needs. Maybe you’re starting high school and need help planning. Maybe you have a student who is really at a crossroads. Maybe you’re changing the way you homeschool and need a new structure. After our conversation, we’ll make you detailed notes that include resources as well as what we discussed. Then we’ll follow up, either with email support or with a short conversation and a second, shorter set of notes. This package is perfect if you have a bigger set of questions. $350

I Need Ongoing Support

We meet with you two or three times for 45-55 minutes over the course of a semester long period to discuss your situation and needs. Maybe you’d like to plan an entire course or establish a new routine. Maybe you have a problem that you know will need more than one meeting with us. In our first meeting, we’ll listen and determine whether we’ll meet more or create more detailed notes or documents for you. Like all our packages, we’ll follow up with detailed notes that include suggestions and resources. We additionally provide email support. This package is perfect if you’d like us to provide you with a detailed plan for your school year, a general plan for multiple years, or a personalized single course from scratch. This package is also perfect if you have multiple students with individual needs. $600

I Need Long-Term Support

This is our check-in package. We meet with you once a month for up to an hour for an entire ten month school year. We always produce notes and suggestions from meetings. We listen and establish an ongoing relationship. We provide extensive email support. We help you with anything that arises, including planning, finding resources and curricula, creating documents you might need for high schoolers, and working through difficult situations. This package is perfect if you know you’ll have multiple big questions or need ongoing support throughout the school year. $1200

Private School Applications

Do you have a student applying to Stanford OHS or another selective school with a rigorous application process? We’ll help you get your transcript and application in order, plus we’ll give your student feedback on any essays or essay questions they need to answer. Note that if you have multiple documents that need to be created from scratch or if you are applying to multiple schools, we may ask you to buy extra time. $350

College Packages

Parent Document Support

You’ve created your documents, but you don’t know if the format is just right, if the course titles all make sense, or if you needed to provide more information about the outside teachers. A million little questions like these can run through your head. The counselor letter, which frames the whole package, can be especially nerve wracking to write. We’ll discuss your student with you and look over all your parent documents, including the letter, profile, transcript, and course descriptions, making sure they tell your student’s unique story with clarity and intention. Note that if your documents need to be recreated, we may ask you to switch to the document creation package or buy extra time. $200

Parent Document Creation

Maybe you don’t even know where to start to create your transcript or write your counselor letter. After listening to you and looking at your documentation about your student’s high school years, we’ll create your student’s transcript, school profile, and course descriptions. We’ll work closely with you to write the counselor letter and make sure the whole package tells your student’s unique story with intention. Note that if you need extra parent documentation, we may ask you to buy extra time. $400

Student Document Support

We’ll discuss and give feedback on two drafts of a student’s essay as well as look over a student’s resume if your applications require it. Note that if a student has additional essays, we may ask you to purchase extra time. $150

College Search Support

We get to know you, your student, and their goals through a conversation then use that to help you create a detailed college list and help you understand what each school would require of you. We typically have one meeting, but continue the conversation with you as we hone your search, hearing what you think about our suggestions so we can build the best list for you. $200

From Start to Finish

We’ll hold your hand throughout the admissions process. From building your college list to creating your documents and supporting your student with their essays, we’ll be there for you, helping tell your student’s unique story for colleges, including with ongoing email support. This package is best purchased during junior year so you can receive support building a college list and working on an essay before the busy senior year begins. Note that if your student has a much higher than average number of essays needing support, we may ask you to buy extra time. Please contact us for more info. 

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