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“I’ve been meaning to write you for days to thank you for all your help with the applications. We are happy with her acceptances and grateful for the merit aid that she received. There’s no way we could have gotten her additional applications done without your help. I obviously am extremely grateful.”

"Hey Farrar, Jill, How can I hug you both ;-)? Accept some remote ones from me! After a long hard wait, I'm happy to inform that my little one has been accepted at OHS. Thank you so much!! Your help was tremendous for us; the app showcased who he truly is and I'm very grateful to you both."

"My daughter had an interview today with a college that isn’t test optional for homeschool applicants. She doesn’t have test scores. Not only did they waive the requirement for test scores but they also complimented her homeschool documentation. They said her course descriptions and school profile were clear cut and left no unanswered questions. I couldn’t have done it without Jill Harper and Farrar Miles Williams!"

"She got into every school she applied to. You both made all the difference for her and I’m just so grateful."

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College Counseling Packages

The Parent Package

As a homeschool parent, you have to wear many hats. One of those is school counselor as your student applies to college. In this package, we help guide you through the college search and application process. We help you with your paperwork including the transcript, school profile, course descriptions, and the all-important counselor letter and we walk you through your side of the Common Application.

The Student Package

In this package, we help your student find their path to college. From building their college list to helping them tell their unique story to colleges, we'll support your student from homeschooling to college. This package includes key support including setting long-term goals, building a realistic college list, filling out applications, writing the essays, creating their activity list, coaching on interviews, etc.

The Full Package

This package combines our student and parent packages. We give you complete support through the total process and coordinate the story the student and the parent present to colleges in applications and counselor documents.

Paperwork Package

Do you just need a little guidance putting your documents together and making sure they're what colleges are looking for? We'll help you cross your t's and dot your i's before you hit send on all the key parent documents.

College Packages Pricing

Our pricing varies depending on different factors including where you and your teen are in the process. We have several different packages including Freshman to College, Sophomore to College, and Junior to College that include strategic high school planning combined with full college application support. We suggest that those with specific college goals, start with us as early as possible.

Homeschool Counseling Packages

A Little Help

Many of our clients just want some directed time to discuss their questions with two experienced voices. In this small package, we meet with you for a single 45-55 minute meeting to talk through your situation and needs. After our conversation, we’ll make detailed notes that include resources and a summary of recommendations. This package is perfect if you're a longtime homeschooler who just needs a little targeted support.

Planning Package

This is our most popular homeschool package. With this package, we meet for an hour with you and your student to plan the school year. We listen to your and your student's needs and direct you to the best resources for you. We make sure your student has the coursework that they need for their unique goals. After our meeting, we give you extensive notes that offer multiple curriculum, resource, or online course options for each subject as well as suggestions for extracurriculars or books as needed. We review the plan with you and offer email support to make any changes.

Long-Term Support

This is our yearlong check-in package (August through May). We begin with a planning meeting for both the upcoming school year and any long-term planning. Then, we meet with you once a month for up to an hour for an entire ten-month school year. We always produce notes and suggestions from meetings. We listen and establish an ongoing relationship. We provide extensive email support. We help you with anything that arises, including finding resources and curricula, creating documents you might need for high schoolers, and working through difficult situations. This package is perfect if you know you’ll have multiple big questions or need ongoing support throughout the school year.

More Support

If you need additional support for your homeschool students, we also have an hourly rate that can be added to any of the above packages for services like document creation or additional planning or check-ins. We're always clear with what services you're purchasing and when you might need our hourly rate. $200/hr.

Stanford OHS application

We have successfully supported many homeschool students through the Standford OHS application process. With this package, we walk both the parent and student through every aspect of the application and provide guidance with document creation, essay feedback, video feedback, testing, submitting work samples, etc.  $1500

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Please note as of November 2022, we have opened spots for last-minute applications for seniors who need complete support. Our parent paperwork packages are also available.

Currently, we have 4 spaces left in our junior roster and are filling up our sophomore and freshman rosters. Thank you!