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Do you need the voices of two veteran homeschool educators to listen and inspire you?

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Does providing your homeschooler with the right high school education for them feel intimidating?

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Do you need a guide for the overwhelming college search and application process?


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Support group for parents
homeschooling high school to college.

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Navigating College as a Student with Disabilities

Join us this July for a talk with Truffaut Harper about his experiences in college as a student with disabilities. Truffaut will offer advice for students heading off to school, and he will end the talk with a Q&A. This event will be live in our Facebook group College Confident Homeschoolers on July 31st. You […]

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Twelve Mistakes Collegebound Homeschoolers Make

Many of these things won’t hurt a student who is applying for less selective schools! And no student’s transcript is perfect. Everyone will make some choices that weren’t the best options in hindsight. Plus, you have to plan thinking about the kid you have and what they need, not just what colleges might want. Sometimes […]