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Looking for a secular high school humanities core? If so we have you covered. Global Perspective Studies is challenging, secular, and written to the student. GPS features diverse authors and has a wide variety of writing assignments. In addition we offer writing feedback on the nine major assignments assigned in GPS. 

One-on-One Help

Looking for extra support with getting started on your homeschool journey? Do you want an expert to guide you through the college application process? Or maybe you are a veteran homeschooler who needs a different perspective on your homeschool. Whatever the need, Simplify can help

Online Classes

Simplify offers asynchronous online classes for your middle school student. Our classes are creative and fun and are welcoming to all kinds of students from gifted to those with a learning disabilities. We start a new session of classes in the fall, spring, and summer to keep your tween student occupied all year-long.  

And so much more!

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Support group for parents
homeschooling high school to college.

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Buy Farrar's middle school book: Tweens,
Tough Times, and Triumphs on Amazon!

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Stories, Suggestions, and Valuable
Been-There-Done-That Compassion.

Unique Handholding

We are parents just like you. And we speak panic and anxiety. Collectively, we have homeschooled very divergent learners, twins, the average kid, and gifted teens with learning disabilities. Our kids are happy and thriving. Together, we have over 15 years experience helping homeschoolers love learning.

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Welcome to College Confident Homeschoolers

Simplify runs a wonderful and supportive group on Facebook called College Confident Homeschoolers (CoCoH for short) that we would love for you to join. This group is for parents homeschooling teens through high school. CoCoH supports you through all the decisions and worries of the high school years and with college applications. The past week […]

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Free Election Guide for Young People!

Sorting through elections is always a tricky task. This election guide, written by homeschool dad and political expert Peter Orvetti, focuses on learning about how the process works. It’s not just useful for students, but for anyone who doesn’t understand how American elections work. They can be complex, after all. In case you’re concerned, this […]

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GPS History Question Answers, Core 1 Africa

You asked for them and we heard you. The first set of GPS history question answers are here. When they’re all complete, we will be putting them together into a single file and sending them to all users who have purchased the curriculum. In the meantime, look for more files here in the coming weeks. […]

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Spotlight on Global Perspective Studies

Global Perspective Studies, or GPS as we call it, is a secular humanities core for the high school student. If you are looking for something different for high school than GPS just might be it. With Global Perspective Studies we wanted to create a high school program that would do more and offer more to […]