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Do you need the voices of two veteran homeschool educators to listen and inspire you?

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Does providing your homeschooler with the right high school education for them feel intimidating?

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Do you need a guide for the overwhelming college search and application process?


Purchase hours for individual one-on-one support. 


Schedule a free 20 minute roadmapping session to hear how we can best help you. 

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Support group for parents
homeschooling high school to college.

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GPS Core 2 – Europe

We are excited to announce that the second year of GPS is now available. Core 2 covers the history of Europe from ancient times to modern. You can learn more about it here. Core 2 is a follow-up to our first level of GPS, which focused on Africa and Asia. Both cores offer a full […]

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Homeschool Counseling with Simplify

Curious about our counseling services? Wonder what the process looks like? If you are searching for a homeschool counselor, someone to help you with the process, look no further than Simplify4You. We are experienced and tailor all of our services to your unique situation. Need help getting started on your homeschooling journey? If so, Simplify […]

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Why You Should Homeschool in the Fall

In our ongoing series of videos, homeschool to college experts Jill and Farrar chat about topics of interest. Concerned about the instability of school with coronavirus still around? Homeschooling could be the right choice for you. In this video, why you should homeschool for the upcoming year. Need help getting started on your homeschooling journey? […]