Whether you are just getting started with homeschooling or have been homeschooling but need some inspiration, we have something here to help your search.

Take a tour of state laws, homeschooling methodologies, and if in California, learn how to file the Private School Affidavit. We also provide free sample plans to help keep you on track.

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A Sample High School Roadmap

We offer these college-prep guidelines only as a reference. Click here for a printable version that you can stick on your fridge.

  • Will you be homeschooling through high school? Discuss plans with your child and significant other. Take your child’s interests into account.
  • Is your high school on a college-prep track? Pencil out a quick plan. Will your child take AP classes and exams? Ask us what to plan and for when.
  • Would your child like a STEM or humanities career? Talk about options but don’t press your child to choose now.
  • Think about how they will fulfill subject credits, especially lab sciences if you are not able to teach it at home.
  • Help your child to learn important skills like time management, online research, note-taking, and financial budgeting.
  • Research! Start with this Resource page for important links!
  • Start keeping good records. Track time spent on high school level academic work and start thinking about extra curricular activities for high school.
  • Keep brainstorming classes and curriculum that your child might like to use for all four years of high school.
  • Contact Simplify the summer before 9th grade for help to plan your child’s college-prep track. If summer has passed, reach out anyway. It’s never too late to contact us.
  • If your child is ready for AP exams, seek high schools near you that might be willing to proctor them.
  • Make sure your child’s workload is meaningful and allows time for interest-led work. Talk to your Simplify muse about how to adjust your child’s workload and schedule.
  • Check what colleges might require for physical education, health, and other state-mandated high school classes.
  • Keep scaffolding your child’s time management, online research, and note-taking skills.
  • For STEM majors, start on a strong math and science track.
  • Start learning a foreign language and plan for subsequent levels. Competitive students usually complete three years of the same foreign language.
  • Research summer academic enrichment programs.
  • Keep good notes and carefully track how many credits your child is accumulating this year.
  • Start a high school resume to keep track of your child’s extra curricular activities and awards. Search online for possible transcript samples that you might like to use.
  • Re-assess sophomore, junior, and senior year plans and start planning what exams your child will take when.
  • Start a college planner/ notebook and gradually make a college list. Gently discuss who will pay for college and research scholarships and financial aid.
  • Based on this list, meet with your Simplify consultant for a solid 10th-12th grade plan that continues to respect your child and their interests.
  • Discuss if any freshman-year classes need to be repeated.
  • For STEM majors, ensure your child is on track to finish sufficient years of math and lab sciences.
  • Sign up for standardized testing. Visit the SAT, ACT, and AP websites for registration deadlines. Decide with your child about a SAT subject testing schedule.
  • Will your child take college classes while in high school? Talk to your Simplify consultant about dual-enrollment.
  • Choose delight over achievement. Participate in science fairs, deep learning programs, and/ or focus on interest-specific projects and extra curricular activities to create a joyful high school experience.
  • Keep working on those homeschooling records! Start a transcript draft. Begin writing up course descriptions and add to them each semester.
  • Is your child talking about taking a gap year? Think about what this might entail.
  • Time to get serious! Make an appointment with your Simplify consultant to create a college shortlist and an application checklist. Start planning college tours.
  • Gauge your child’s comfort level with rigor. Do they want a mix of regular, honors, AP, or college-level classes? This is a good year to complete a few more AP classes.
  • Start shortlisting colleges that your child might want to apply to and plan college tours if any.
  • Discuss with your child if any classes need to be repeated.
  • Depending on your child’s goals, start preparing for them to retake the SAT and/ or the ACT. If your child is willing, sign up for more SAT subject tests.
  • Competitive STEM majors will want to aim for advanced math and lab science classes.
  • Help your child to build an amazing extra curricular resume and/ or favorite hobbies portfolio. Encourage them to find leadership opportunities.
  • Keep scaffolding time management and note-taking skills. Introduce self-care skills e.g. cooking and laundry.
  • Find a truly fantastic summer opportunity for your child to spread their wings.
  • Start working on the transcript and keep updating course descriptions.
  • Think about and fine-tune senior year plans. Will your child take that gap year?
  • Make sure your junior gets enough rest!
  • If your child wants to re-take the SAT or ACT for the last time, do so in the summer before senior year or as early as possible in the fall.
  • Take time to understand college application portals. Create counselor accounts and take note of what admissions officers ask for.
  • Track all application deadlines, including deadlines for scholarships.
  • Brainstorm essay topics with your child. Ask them to keep a notebook of experiences they might want to write about.
  • Start writing the essays in August and September before class deadlines are too close.
  • Ask your child to approach teachers for letters of recommendation. Consult your Simplify advisor for ideas.
  • Complete the counselor package: your course descriptions, preliminary transcript, school profile, and counselor letter.
  • Ask your child to complete their extra curricular resume/ portfolio.
  • Apply to colleges by the deadline. Triple proofread everything before hitting the submit button.
  • Ask your child to update colleges if there have been any changes in their spring course line-up.
  • Wait for decisions. Celebrate and give yourself a huge pat on the back for a job well done.
  • Your child will take final AP exams if any in May.
  • Make sure that your child’s graduation date is updated on the transcript. Celebrate your child’s high school graduation. Take LOTS of photos!
  • Be sure to send any requested documents, such as the final official high school transcript, college transcripts, and test scores, by the posted deadlines to the college your child will attend.