Why Use A Muse Package?

"Jill was instrumental in helping me get started with homeschooling. She is a wealth of information and was able to advise me in the best way to begin. Thanks to her and her support I am now on my third year of homeschooling and have never been happier with the way my child's educational journey is going."

A SoCal Parent

“Farrar has her own philosophy for her kids, but was very receptive to where we are and what our lifestyle and philosophy are.  She made suggestions that fit our life and was not pushy or judgmental about what she thought we "should" be doing.”

A Washington DC Parent

"I was so overwhelmed with the college process. I was unsure how to approach it as a homeschooler and was in need of help. My teenager was also in need of guidance. Working with Jill was such a wonderful experience for both of us. We are so happy that we found her and thankful for all she was able to accomplish for us."

A SoCal Parent

"Dear Jill, thank you for everything you have done for my family. I honestly cannot state how much you have changed our lives. We were all struggling with school and my daughter's learning disabilities and did not even know we had another choice.

Through you we have discovered this whole other world of homeschooling and have been able to provide an environment for my daughter in which she thrives. Thank you again for everything!"

A SoCal Parent

You can keep searching for answers.
You can keep wading through forum threads.
Or you can use your own personal homeschool expert for individualized help!

Affordable Rates


$80 to $125/hour

We charge $125/hour for the first hour. Lock in a lower rate by buying 3, 5, or 10 hour packages.  Contact us before payment.

Muse Counseling Packages

Homeschool Support

Start with 5 hours for:

  • Homeschool set up
  • Curriculum planning
  • Learning styles help
  • 2E/gifted support
  • 4-year high school plan
  • Alternative ed ideas
  • Monthly check-ins

Roll over unused time for as long as you like.

College Counseling

Start with 10 hours for:

  • Transcript evaluation
  • Shortlisting colleges
  • Application portal help
  • College essay help
  • Counselor document editing and formatting
  • Applying for financial aid

We mentor STEM, humanities, and undecided majors.

School Re-Entry

Will your child eventually return to school? We understand how perplexing the process might be.

Start with 5 hours for customized help with course planning and presenting the correct records to streamline your child's transition to middle or high school. We assist with private school applications too.

Other Muse Services

AP Class Syllabus

We will walk you through the process of getting your own Advanced Placement class College Board-approved.

GPA Calculation

Having trouble figuring out your student's GPA? We will calculate unweighted and weighted GPA based on grades and a grading scale that you provide.

Transcript Evaluation

If you are simply seeking a second opinion on an existing transcript, we will review and suggest areas for improvement. This service is for both middle school and high school students.

Transcript Help

We'll prepare, edit, and format your homeschool transcript, school profile, and course descriptions.

Essay Editing

Hourly essay editing assistance for both college and private high school applications.

Interview Practice

Today the interview has become another important part of the application process. We offer targeted practice for college and private high school interviews. We work hard to put the student at ease while building up their confidence.


We help students to create professional resumes or web portfolios to showcase their achievements and awards.


We love presenting homeschooling and college applications seminars in-person and online. Please contact us if interested.

OHS - Stanford Online Application Support

We have helped several families successfully navigate the application process for Stanford Online High School and we would love to help you and your student. Contact us for more info.

Test Preparation

Need award-winning, online SAT/ACT prep created for students of all abilities? Simplify has an affiliate partnership with Test Rocker. Inquire about your Simplify discount via the Test Rocker website.

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