Why Use A Muse Package?

"Jill was instrumental in helping me get started with homeschooling. She is a wealth of information and was able to advise me in the best way to begin. Thanks to her and her support I am now on my third year of homeschooling and have never been happier with the way my child's educational journey is going."

A SoCal Parent

"Suji has been a patient sounding board, responsive and kind, when I have agonized over how to best meet my child's educational needs. She has brought objectivity, sensitivity, and consistent encouragement when dealing with our particular challenges."

An SF Bay Area Parent

“Farrar has her own philosophy for her kids, but was very receptive to where we are and what our lifestyle and philosophy are.  She made suggestions that fit our life and was not pushy or judgmental about what she thought we "should" be doing.”

A Washington DC Parent

"I was so overwhelmed with the college process. I was unsure how to approach it as a homeschooler and was in need of help. My teenager was also in need of guidance. Working with Jill was such a wonderful experience for both of us. We are so happy that we found her and thankful for all she was able to accomplish for us."

A SoCal Parent

"Dear Suji, you are a warm person and have an ability to make people instantly at ease when they talk to you. You are resourceful when it comes to identifying learning opportunities and educational options, and are always ready to share your experience and wisdom. I am very glad to have met you on our journey of seeking much needed challenge to stimulate my son's intellectual growth and development. Thank you for your help and encouragement."

An SF Bay Area Parent

"Dear Jill, thank you for everything you have done for my family. I honestly cannot state how much you have changed our lives. We were all struggling with school and my daughter's learning disabilities and did not even know we had another choice.

Through you we have discovered this whole other world of homeschooling and have been able to provide an environment for my daughter in which she thrives. Thank you again for everything!"

A SoCal Parent

"Dear Suji, thank you so much for helping and guiding me in curriculum choices and tutor pros and cons through the years. Your availability and willingness to share what has worked for you, while also sharing advantages and disadvantages of a particular approach, have been so helpful."

An SF Bay Area Parent

Muse Counseling Packages

Homeschool Counseling


  • Primer on state’s laws
  • Homeschool set up
  • Curriculum planning
  • Learning styles help
  • 2E/gifted support
  • 4-year high school plan
  • Alternative ed ideas
  • Monthly check-ins
  • Record keeping

Roll over unused time for as long as you like. We recommend starting with 4-6 hours.

College Counseling

We help with:

  • awarding high school credits
  • shortlisting colleges
  • application portals walkthroughs
  • college essays
  • the counselor packet: transcript, school profile, course descriptions, counselor letter, etc.
  • applying for financial aid

We are experienced in mentoring students with both STEM and humanities interests. We recommend starting with 5-8 hours.

School Re-Entry

Homeschooling is so flexible that parents and/or their children might decide at any time to try brick-and-mortar school for a few years.

Will your child eventually return to school? We understand how perplexing the process might be. We assist with course planning and presenting the correct records to streamline transition.

We handhold you through applications to private high schools too.

We recommend starting with 4-6 hours.

Other Muse Packages

AP Class Syllabus

Will your student self study for the Advanced Placement exams? We will walk you through the process of getting your own AP class College Board-approved.

The Full-Muse Treatment

This unique service adds one-time guidance from the rest of our muses to any other muse consultation package.

Transcript Evaluation

We will review your homeschool transcript, suggest areas for improvement, and offer formatting help if needed. Applicable to middle and high school.

Essay Editing

Our muses can help brainstorm as well as edit application essays for both college and private high school applications.

Interview Preparation

We work with both seniors and middle schoolers to help them prepare for college and private high school interviews.


We love discussing homeschooling and college applications in-person and online. Contact us for details.

Test Preparation

Details coming soon.

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Hourly fee.

School Re-Entry

Hourly fee.

AP/Full Muse

One-time fee.


Hourly fee.
Muse Packages