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Homeschooling Consultation

Learn about your state’s laws, set up your homeschool, research and plan curriculum, discover specific learning styles and educational methodologies, and understand 2E and giftedness. For teens, we create a student-specific, 4-year high school plan. For the very out-of-the-box learner, we offer tailor-made, custom-schooling plans that are as unique as your child. Or perhaps, you don’t need plan, just a guardian muse to offer compassionate direction each month? Ask us about monthly check-ins where we counsel you for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or for as long as your purchased hours last…and you can roll over unused time to the following month(s).

From $99-$125/hour.

College Applications Counseling

Simplify’s college application services include specific advice on awarding high school credits, shortlisting colleges, exploring the different application portals, and providing hourly brainstorming and guidance for college essays. We can also help you with the full counselor application packet which includes a beautifully-formatted high school transcript and school and course documents such as the school profile, course descriptions, counselor letter, and extracurricular resume. We counsel on understanding and applying for financial aid and scholarships. We are experienced in mentoring students with both STEM and humanities interests.

From $99-$125/hour.

School Re-entry Consultation

Will your child eventually return to a brick-and-mortar school? We assist with course planning and presenting the correct records to streamline transition.

From $99-$125/hour.

AP Class Syllabus

Many homeschoolers self study for the Advanced Placement exams on their own. We will walk you through the process of getting your own AP class College Board-approved.

Add $125 to any purchase.

The Full Muse Treatment

This unique service adds one-time guidance from the rest of our muses to any other muse consultation package.

Add $125 to any purchase.

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