Suji Rajagopal

Suji Rajagopal, Founding Director

Giftedness advocate and LGBTQ+ ally.

Print and web designer.

Dog lover and pet food chef.

Suji Rajagopal

Sujatha “Suji” Rajagopal is an education consultant and homeschool coach who has been homeschooling since 2006.

She has an honors bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature and worked for many years in writing, publications, and customer service before homeschooling. She is the founder and moderator of three regional and national homeschool support groups, one of which is focused on supporting the needs of highly non-traditional learners. Suji has counseled families across the homeschooling spectrum and loves helping anyone who struggles with curriculum/ homeschool planning.

Suji excels in finding an individualized learning fit, be it via time-tested curriculum, alternative learning methods, subject specialist mentors, or something in between. Her expertise includes crafting “living” educational experiences, a homeschool philosophy that focuses on nurturing love of learning and addressing the needs of the whole child. She is experienced in juggling subject and grade radical acceleration as well as addressing asynchronous learning styles. As the mother of a child who took a non-traditional path through high school, she understands how bewildering acceleration, compacting, and alternative homeschooling can be. Suji strongly believes in creating joyful camaraderie between the homeschooling parent(s) and their student(s) and will hold your hand for as long as you need her to.

Suji is experienced in helping students utilize the community college (CC) and University of CA (UC) system for dual enrollment classes. Suji’s child pursued high school through CC and UC Extension dual enrollment, and was accepted as a freshman to all UC schools applied to. She is well-versed in navigating the a-g requirements of the UC system as well as IGETC requirements for transfer students. She can help with brainstorming resources for LGBTQ+ students, as well as with competitive applications for STEM-oriented students. Through her Etsy Store Quilibri Designs, Suji specializes in writing, formatting, and thoroughly customizing the homeschooling parent’s counselor packet (such as the official high school transcript, course descriptions, counselor letter, school profile, student resume, the works!).

As a professional writer herself, Suji enjoys helping your applicants craft and edit college application essays that showcase their authentic selves.

Suji is the mother of a profoundly gifted, early college student who was homeschooled since preschool. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay) with her teen and two canine rascals who both challenge and bolster her sanity. She is comfortable meeting on Skype or face-to-face if you are local to the SF Bay Area.

Happy Clients

“Suji has been a patient sounding board, responsive and kind, when I have agonized over how to best meet my child’s educational needs. She has brought objectivity, sensitivity, and consistent encouragement when dealing with our particular challenges.”


“Dear Suji, you are a warm person and have an ability to make people instantly at ease when they talk to you. You are resourceful when it comes to identifying learning opportunities and educational options, and are always ready to share your experience and wisdom. I am very glad to have met you on our journey of seeking much needed challenge to stimulate my son’s intellectual growth and development. Thank you for your help and encouragement.”


“Dear Suji, thank you so much for helping and guiding me in curriculum choices and tutor pros and cons through the years. Your availability and willingness to share what has worked for you, while also sharing advantages and disadvantages of a particular approach, have been so helpful.”