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We’ve listed our most popular homeschooling and college application services with hourly rates (plus bulk discounts…woohoo!). Think of each package as hourly nuggets of inspirational wisdom. We encourage, support, and offer insightful (we are muses after all) back-up plans when you need them the most. Using Simplify is easy. We’ve made the whole process as clear and transparent as we can.


Simplify Grade 8-12 Homeschooling Roadmap

Resources and Roadmap

We offer lots of free, helpful hints no matter where you are in the homeschooling journey. From just starting out to wanting to change the K-12 plan to brainstorming what to do for high school and college applications, we have links to help you research. Our thoughtfully designed grade-by-grade sample plans and carefully crafted college-prep homeschooling roadmap can help keep you on track.


Frequently Asked Questions

We had lots of fun thinking up the type of questions homeschoolers would normally ask…about consultations, about homeschooling, about college applications…so we’ve tried to answer them here. Let us know if you have more!

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