Homeschooling and College Applications


Simplify Offers:

Homeschooling 101

New to homeschooling? We can help you to learn about your state’s laws, set up your homeschool, discover specific learning styles, and get up to speed on educational methodologies.

Curriculum Planning

We help you to buy and schedule curriculum. We help with homeschool record-keeping, home-educating atypical/non-traditional students, and crafting a 4-year high school plan.

College Applications 101

Our college planning services include shortlisting the college list, walking-through application portals, helping you with the counselor packet, and assisting your senior with college essay writing.

And so much more!

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Grade-by-Grade Plans, Useful Links,
and a High School Roadmap.

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Stories, Suggestions, and Valuable
Been-There-Done-That Compassion.

Unique Handholding

We are parents just like you. And we speak panic and anxiety. Collectively, we have homeschooled very divergent learners, twins, little ones while pregnant, kids on the spectrum, and highly gifted teens with learning disabilities. We have homeschooled as single parents with or without family support, from preschool to college. Our kids are thriving. We are four muses with four experiences in four locations around the US.

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